Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Filling in the Colors

As of August 14, the mural crew has filled in most of the remaining colors on the wall. This means that they must apply a second coat - second coats are necessary because the color will not last for very long with a single coat. The first coat often also has small white spots (small indentations in the wall where the brush did not fully apply the color), so the students also need to correct those.

Alan, Gregg, Julia and Aaseia apply second coats.

The crew is utilizing both of the scaffolding on opposite ends of the mural (and a ladder in the middle) to tackle errors.

An example of the white spots that sometimes remain in the first coat.

Removing errors like these is an example of one of the final steps in completing a mural, which means the students' work will soon be done.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Things Winding Down

The students' work on the mural continues, but things are beginning to wind down as more and more of the wall becomes complete.

Some of the students who were finishing up the final pieces of the left side of the mural are now working on the smaller details in other areas. However, as of now, the wall is completely covered in paint.

Alan, Julia and Svetlana work on small details in the middle of the mural.

In the above picture, the pink and orange flower (closest to Svetlana) now has a pattern of white dots, which it did not have before.

Total progress as of August 12.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Colorful Designs

Even when missing a few members, the mural crew is still going strong.

At the beginning of the day, Gregg always goes over the goals of the day with the students.

Gregg going over plans for which areas to fix and/or complete with the students.

Brianna, Liana and Julia have been working on the paisley design and surrounding areas on the right side of the mural, which is on its way to completion (the left side is mostly done, with the exception of some areas needing minor touch-ups).

Brianna (top), Liana (front), and Julia (back) work on the red paisley design.

Alan is currently working on the colorful designs above the red and yellow flower, which is located roughly in the middle of the mural.

Alan finishing up the pattern.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Early August Progress

The students did not work for two of the days last week due to weather. They also worked a shorter day on Thursday, so this week was unfortunately not as productive as others.

However, they did have an eventful Friday: supporters of the mural project Deb Peterson, Ingrid Marchesano and Janet Jameson kindly brought in pizza and snacks for the students. Students also received their first paychecks for their mural work.

The following pictures are from Thursday, July 31 (last week).

Abi (left) and Svetlana (right) set up the scaffolding at the beginning of the day.

Svetlana and Liana work on the top left side of the mural, on the scaffolding.

Abi (top) and Julia (bottom) work on the right side of the mural, near the paisley design.

The entire mural as of July 31.

As of this week, some of the mural crew will be going on vacation. Nevertheless, they still plan on working until the end of the summer.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Where is it ?

If you'd like to visit the Watertown Mural 2014 in person, it is located on Baptist Walk in Watertown Square. Go to the intersection of Mt. Auburn Street and Baptist Walk. It is located on the southwest corner. See the map below:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Painting Flowers

What the mural looked like at the beginning of today, July 24.

The crew had yet another productive day today - despite a short donut break (donuts kindly supplied by Janet)!

Five of the six flowers in the mural have been finished...

Flowers that artists Caitlyn, Sedra, and Katy worked on.

Flower that Emily worked on.

Flowers that Brianna and Julia worked on.

Gregg's son Oscar also paid a visit...

Caitlin helping Oscar paint.

The right side of the mural is still the least finished part, but it is definitely making progress.

Julia and Alan working on the paisley design on the right side of the mural.

A closer view of the paisley design.

Alan says that even though he's currently working on the paisley design, his favorite part of the mural is "the Islamic textile pattern in blue on the left side".

Abi and Brianna were also working on the right side of the mural with Alan and Julia. Abi says that her favorite part of the mural is not a specific design or cultural textile, but rather "the variety of shades and colors". Alan, Abi and Brianna all do pencil drawings in their free time.

Abi working on a pattern on the lower right side of the mural. She is sitting under the scaffolding.

The mural crew is well on their way to filling in all the blank spaces in the mural.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Watertown Mural 2014: Work Continues

Many of the student artists in the crew were out for various reasons today (July 22), but the productivity continued!

Student artist Julia says she "just finished one of the flowers"...

The flower that Julia recently finished working on.

...and says that the overall process of painting the mural is "going fast and smoothly", even though "the weather is terrible" (referring to the heat and humidity). Nevertheless, today was "a good day".

Aaseia says that she "worked on the dragon" part today...

The dragon on the left part of the mural, which Aaseia worked on.

...and says of the process that "the amount of layers we have to put on is frustrating." When first putting color into the mural, the students have to leave the grid lines, numbers and letters in (to keep the guideline for the design), and then need to put on a second coat of paint to cover them. Depending on the transparency or lightness of the color, the students may have to put on 3 or more coats of paint.

Student artists Aaseia, Alan and Julia working on the right side of the mural. This side includes a large paisley design.

The full mural as of July 22, 2014.

More updates including input from the artists are coming soon!